(Ivanhoe Community Council Online Meeting. Photo: Mayra Becerra/Ivanhoe Community Council)

The Ivanhoe Community Council is a group that has been active in the community for over 20 years. Previously known as the Ivanhoe Community Group, it has always consisted of dedicated individuals (Betty Vickers and Sandy Box were some of the first members)  that care about Ivanhoe and who have worked to bring resources and improvements into our unincorporated town. 

Since the beginning of coming together, they have worked on advocating for Ivanhoe residents and hosting monthly meetings to share news. Some of the accomplishments that they have brought to our town include the Rose Garden, getting a stop sign at the Boys and Girls Club, and the annual Earth Day clean up in Ivanhoe. Currently, the Council consists of Mayra Becerra as Chairperson, Jesse Arellano as Vice Chairperson, Connie Vela-Solorio as Secretary, and Esaul Perez as Treasurer. 

At the last town meeting, the Council happily announced that they were approved as a Non-Profit (501.c3). This is an exciting moment!  They have had help from different organizations and people like Rosemary Caso at United Way,  Mary Bryant from the Mooney Grove Park Project, and the Good Works grant through Eddie Valero. The process to apply was long but definitely worth it. 

How does this benefit Ivanhoe? The Council will continue to work towards bringing more resources into town, advocate for more improvement projects such as sidewalks, more housing, and help with needs as they arise. 

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