Ivanhoe Sol Community Survey Results

A survey participant wants the Sol to write about the lack of streetlights in Ivanhoe. Photo: Esmeralda Garcia.

By Olivia Henry, The Ivanhoe Sol

IVANHOE, Calif. — As part of an effort to improve our community journalism, The Ivanhoe Sol newspaper team carried out a survey in-person and online during August. Here are the results of 22 surveys, which we will use to shape our stories in the coming months. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Question 1: The top three things I’m most proud about in Ivanhoe are: 

  • Friendly workers at stores, how close the stores are to my home, friendly neighbors
  • Ivanhoe Elementary, having a Family Dollar, bus transportation available
  • Location
  • Home, the events for kids, community
  • Our community,  we’re hardworking and always moving forward
  • The Ivanhoe Council, Boys & Girls Club, events put on for our children
  • About the program they have for the children after school, that little by little they are fixing the streets, about the Family Dollar that they put up
  • Community Council, events for children, the roads being fixed
  • The community, the local vendors, the awesome burger stand
  • The Ivanhoe Elementary principal, safe school environment
  • Agricultural, friendly, proud lifetime resident
  • Small community, surrounded by trees, Ivanhoe Sol & Ivanhoe Community Council
  • Great community, great get togethers, people are willing to help each other
  • People, school, community
  • The gatherings, the newspaper
  • That there is a school nearby, that the streets are better, that there is security
  • Small friendly community, hardworking, ag community
  • Lots of improvements in town, events that rarely happened before, school improvements
  • Small community, Boys & Girls Club, bailoterapia
  • The community, local businesses
  • Ivanhoe school improving, road improvement, polite school employees

Question 2: The top three things that I worry the most about in Ivanhoe are: 

  • People not having dogs on their leash or backyard, violent people, always drunk people
  • General safety, school safety, when more stores will be available
  • Gangs, nothing for the youth, no police takes too long
  • Violence, the dogs that run loose, street lighting
  • We don’t have enough resources, hoping change would come quicker, need more jobs
  • There is a lack of a police department, that they fix lights that are washed out, that they put cameras in the Boys & Girls Club stop — it is dangerous because people do not make a stop.
  • Not sure
  • Gang activity, graffiti, careless drivers
  • Gang activity
  • Law enforcement presence, youth center, community engagement
  • Youth involvement, family events
  • Not enough youth activities
  • Streets not safe, cars going too fast
  • The streets, public lighting, loose dogs
  • The streets  are very dark, there are not many lights and there are many dogs
  • Law enforcement presence, safe and lit streets, air quality
  • Doesn’t seem to grow as a town
  • Its security, its abandoned streets,  lack of jobs
  • Gangs, child safety, family outings
  • Little to no law enforcement, gangs with the youth, lack of infrastructure
  • Not having enough activities, Ivanhoe not improving

Question 3: I have read the Ivanhoe Sol newspaper online or in print in the past two years. 

True: 77%

False: 23%

Question 4: I learned new things or enjoyed what I read in the newspaper:

True: 82%

False: 18%

Question 5: I wish The Ivanhoe Sol would write about or look into: 

  • Current events
  • Not sure
  • Local stories in Ivanhoe, Visalia, Woodlake or Farmersville
  • Connecting Ivanhoe to more resources
  • Current events
  • Ivanhoe school events. A Little Caesar’s in town would be ideal.
  • History or do a one-on-one interview
  • Positive and uplifting things like it does
  • Our past needs a museum
  • History of the town
  • About the Boys & Girls Club because there are always many children and it is dangerous
  • The impact of local agriculture
  • Recognition for positive accomplishments
  • Crime in town
  • How you are helping our community
  • Well, about there being more street lights
  • Effects of spray/chemicals to Ivanhoe
  • Support or programs for children with disabilities, as well as immigration issues
  • More recognition


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