Editor’s Note: Sol rises into its 4th year

By Pedro Hernández, Ivanhoe Sol

I believe it’s helpful for editors to directly address our readers. Additionally, I believe this type of communication can be one more step to support more transparency as to the activities of the team at the Ivanhoe Sol. We want to continue improving as community resources to better meet our core mission to provide residents of Ivanhoe and Tulare County with the resources and information they need to successfully navigate the issues that matter to them.

Towards these ends, myself and associate editor, Esmeralda Garcia, recently traveled to Sacramento to present to the James B. McClatchy foundation on the nearly four years of operating the Ivanhoe Sol. This Foundation has funded this last calendar year of Ivanhoe Sol activities through their initiative to support journalism and local democracy in the San Joaquin Valley.

We spoke on how we worked as a team to solve issues such as budgeting, content creation, and managing the Ivanhoe Sol along with our full-time jobs. Esmeralda and I were able to elevate some of our favorite success stories including our dreams to continue our publication as long as there continues to be community support for what we do.

Although our presentation lasted around 30 minutes, we hope the connections we made at that meeting will last for years to come as we grow our team’s efforts to fundraise and improve the overall journalistic quality of the Ivanhoe Sol.

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