Ivanhoe Council Community Update

Community members during the 2022 Ivanhoe Community Trunk or Treat event. Photo: Mayra Becerra, Ivanhoe Community Council.

What to expect and how to get involved in Upcoming Events 

By: Mayra Becerra, Ivanhoe Sol

As the year starts to come to a close the Ivanhoe Community Council is proud to share some of the events we are looking most forward to!

Upcoming Council Meetings

Every month the Ivanhoe Community Council regularly convenes on the last Tuesday of every month at the Ivanhoe Memorial Hall (33209 Hawthorne Road). Our meetings start at 6pm and the remaining meetings for our 2023 calendar include the following:

  • September 26
  • October 24 
  • November 14, and 
  • December 19

Note: Our last three events are on irregular dates because of holidays occurring from October to December. We understand that the Holidays get busy so therefore we strive to plan ahead.

Make sure to mark your calendars! 

Annual Events

Like every year, October will be one of the busiest months for the Ivanhoe Community Council!  

Volunteer for Make a Difference Day

Every year we host Make a Difference Day which  consists of beautifying our community Rose Garden and free waste disposal provided by Waste Management. If you have any other clean up projects you would like to see come to life please send us a message via Facebook (Ivanhoe Community Council) or share at our monthly meetings!

Come to the Trunk or Treat! 

Our second big community event hosted in October is our annual Trunk or Treat. This event where the Ivanhoe Community Council and our other community partners team up to provide Ivanhoe youth with free gifts, food, and candy. This will be the third Trunk or Treat that we have hosted this Halloween-themed event and like with all our events the goal is that it continues to serve our community and as well as getting more support to continue the next year. 

Our event will take place on October 12th! Fliers with times, dates, locations, and a way to register your car will be posted in September on our Facebook page (Ivanhoe Community Council). If you would like to donate candy, volunteer, or host a small booth, we are available to collaborate!

Santa Claus entregando juguetes a los miembros de la comunidad de Ivanhoe. Foto: Mayra Becerra, Consejo Comunitario de Ivanhoe.
Santa Clause giving toys to Ivanhoe community members. Photo: Mayra Becerra, Ivanhoe Community Council.

Christmas Toy Giveaway

December 16th will be our 3rd Christmas Toy Giveaway drive-thru. Like our Halloween Trunk or Treat event, our Toy Giveaway way consists of Santa Claus and Ivanhoe community members providing free toys to Ivanhoe youth. 

 Like with any giveaway, event planning and coordination has already started. We are already collecting new toys for this event. In the previous years our goal was 200 toys, that goal was reached and this year we are striving to collect at least 300 toys to give away. 

Connect and Collaborate with Us!

2023 has been a good year for the Ivanhoe Community Council and we are lucky to be serving such a wonderful community. We hope to continue to work with our residents to create powerful positive memories for our beautiful community. 

If you or your organization would like to participate in this year’s activities or suggest new collaborations with us please reach out to our team! We can be reached via our Ivanhoe Community Council Facebook, phone (661) 731-3103 and at our monthly community meetings!

This summer, the Ivanhoe Community Council hosted three Summer Night Lights events. The starting funds come from StepUp,  the Tulare County program that works with nonprofits to bring these events to life. 

Every year, this community program serves thousands of Tulare County residents with the goal of  

  1. providing safe recreational opportunities for youth of all ages
  2. Reduce crimes committed by and against youth during the summer months and;
  3. Improving the local economy through jobs, training, and purchasing food and other supplies.

For the summer of 2023, all events occurred in Ivanhoe at three locations: Boys and Girls Club, The Veterans Memorial Hall, and Ivanhoe Elementary School. 

Community Support Plays a Critical Role

Kaweah Water Foundation members during our Summer Night Lights event at Ivanhoe Memorial Building. Photo by Esmeralda Garcia

As Summer Night Lights event planning started, the Ivanhoe Community Council reached out to community partners to secure donations to make the events even more significant and provide as many resources as possible to Ivanhoe residents. 

Both donations and volunteers poured in from many different organizations. Proteus and Kaweah Water Foundation provided the drinks for all attendees and volunteers at all the events. The group, Changing Minds One at a Time , reached out and cooked hamburgers for the first event. Family Health Care Network (FHCN), United Way, Health Net, and State Farm Insurance  also each donated school supplies including 200 backpacks and “COS Future Giant ” orange T-shirts from the College of the Sequoias. 

Each event consisted of different organizations coming out to provide resources and engaging with our community members. Groups including Walnut Grove Assembly of God, The Sheriff Department, Ivanhoe Library, Tulare County League of Mexican American Women, Mercenaries, Renewable Energy, Proteus, Family Health Care Network, ELOP, Choices,  and Fathering the Fatherless all hosted booths and activities.  The Ivanhoe Sol hosted a photo booth at the Fiesta theme event. 

In addition to the free family activities, Summer Night Lights attendees were able to win door prizes. Prizes were donated by individuals and organizations including: La Estrellita Market, Caity Meader & Jody Line Gilman (mother and daughter), Visalia Adventure Park, Julie Galindo, United Way, and FHCN. 

Other contributors to these events were Eddie Valero, Ambar Rodriguez, Tara Martin, Family Market, and Enajunperrental.

We are proud to report that this year has been one of the strongest ever in terms of donations and volunteers. If you would like to get involved in future events please  reach out via Facebook (Ivanhoe Community Council) or through phone at (661) 731-3103.

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