Note from the Editor


Welcome to our fourth annual Graduation Issue!

By Pedro Hernández, Ivanhoe Sol

As early as our first listening session, the team at the Ivanhoe Sol has heard from our readers that education-related issues were important to them. As such, we’ve tried to shape our newspaper coverage to include issues like school response to COVID-19, developments from the Visalia Unified Board of Education, and have added a regular column written by Ivanhoe Elementary Principal Dr. Jesus Gonzalez. 

But we also wanted to do more than traditional news coverage. One of the more interesting things about managing an independent newspaper is that we have control over the content we produce and while this issue does contain some more traditional news announcements, we want it to be a celebration more than anything else.

So we present to the Ivanhoe community, our largest celebration to date. This issue is our biggest celebration to date and we have received submissions from Golden West High School, Ivanhoe Elementary, and various colleges.

A little known fact about the team at the Ivanhoe Sol is that we are all former or currently working as educators. For myself, when I was 25 years old I once served as a high school history teacher in my small hometown school of Laton High.

While graduations are only one step in a long life, we want to be intentional in expressing our full support in your individual journeys. Life can be hard and there can be many obstacles, but if anything, we hope the community support and celebrations you experience can help you along whatever path you choose to pursue.

Graduates, we wish you the absolute best of luck in your upcoming journeys. We wish you success and the reliance needed to realize your goals and life aspirations. We wish that you keep learning no matter where you are and that you find the courage to correct any mistakes you might make along the way. We wish that you truly find yourself and build a life that you can be proud of.

Whatever phase of your journey that you are in, know that there are people hoping for your happiness.


Pedro Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief 


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