Library Project Inspires Creativity in the Community

By: Esmeralda Garcia, Ivanhoe Sol

On Thursday, January 28th, 2021 Ivanhoe’s first Mini Library was installed at the intersection of Avenue 159 and 328. As an addition to the crosswalk developed on Avenue 159 and 328, a community Mini-Libray was also installed to support the vital need to support reading and literacy in Ivanhoe.


It is now safer to cross a busy intersection and books are available for all community members to access and keep. The library was built by community member Jose Haro who proudly shared it was his opportunity to “give something back” to the community. The first set of books provided by individual donations and by the nonprofit organizations, First Five and Read for Life. 


The Mini-Library is open to receive book donations by contacting Esmeralda Garcia at esmeg559@gmail or dropping off books at 15958 Ave 327. A plastic bin with a lid is on the porch and donations are appreciated. The library is restocked at least once a week or as needed. 


There are also rocks available at the base of the mini library for Ivanhoe residents to take home and paint. Once painted, please contact the Ivanhoe Community Council or drop off the completed rocks at 15958 Ave 327 for sealing. The painted rocks will then be placed back at mini library locations. 


The first Ivanhoe resident to paint a rock was Genesis, a 7th grader at Ivanhoe Elementary. She recently painted a rock for Ivanhoe’s Mini Library and shared that she was inspired by a Facebook profile picture which was taken by Jose Verduzco and used for the group page: “You know you’re from Ivanhoe…”. 


The Ivanhoe Sol’s “Community Art Feature” is a component in our newsletter that will highlight art that should be shared with our community. It is not limited to drawn art. If you have a written piece, lyrics, or something you believe should be shared please submit it to [email protected] and we will do our best to share it with our community. 


(Genesis and her “Welcome to Ivanhoe” rock. Photo: Emeralda Garcia, Ivanhoe Sol.) 

(Génesis y su rock “Welcome to Ivanhoe”. Foto: Emeralda García, Ivanhoe Sol.)

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